05 March

Watch an interview with Filmteractive Market 2014 Winners!

Charlotte de la Gournerie and Bo Juhl Nielsen talking about their project “The Raward” and participation in Filmteractive.

Watch the interview with the authors of “The Reward” and other interviews with Filmteractive participants on:
Our Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/FilmteractiveFestival
Our YouTube profile: https://www.youtube.com/user/Filmteractive
13 February

Cross Video Days 2015 Call for Projects is open!

Digital interactive producers and creators, find new opportunities to co-finance and co-produce your innovative projects in Paris in June 11-12, 2015!

CVD invites you to submit your projects before March 16, 2015 under 8 different categories of the call for projects: Cinema & Transmedia, Interactive Documentary, Webseries & Web fiction, Cross-media TV show, Interactive Animation, Youth and Education, new category - Video Game and Other - for all the projects “outside the box”.

More info:
30 January

Good news! "Komplex,28", got selected at SlingShot Festival of Athens Georgia, USA

The project which got honourable mention at Filmteractive got acknowledged again!

“Komplex, 28” will be installed in their city!!!

Visit the websit of the Festival:

Here you can watch the pitching session of "Komplex,28"

17 December

Filmteractive Yearbook 2014 is already available

A publication summing up Filmteractive networking activities: Market and Network

For the first time we have published a publication summing up the Filmteractive networking activities. The contents of the publication are:
  • description of the event
  • presentation of organisers, supporting institutions and companies
  • presentation of Filmteractive Market winners and finalists
  • list of submitted projects
Here you can download the pdf version of the Yearbook:
05 December

Filmteractive 2014 case study presentations at NDPC conferences!

On 13th November in Tallinn (Estonia) and on 8th December in Sankt Petersburg (Russia).
21 November

Watch Filmteractive Market pitching sessions on our YouTube channel!

First presentations are already available!

Watch the pitching session of the “Monsters to Clowns” project from Estonia on our YouTube channel.
24 October

Meet the winners of Filmteractive Market NDPC award!

"Axion", international project presented by Polish-Swedish representation.

Axion is a unique, app‐based interactive documentary. By allowing a player the freedom to navigate and discover an evolving virtual environment, the project suggests a consonance between the process of scientific discovery and a personal, emotive confrontation with the unknown. As players navigate their virtual world, each will gradually discover intimate but scientifically rigorous conversations with scientists and researchers working in cosmology and particle physics, while experiencing abstract, sensual content that reacts to and informs these interviews. During this process, Axion draws a parallel between visual poetry and scientific concepts, illuminating a creative and expressive side of the discourse that is often not showcased, and thus sharing a facet of scientific life that most people outside the scientific community have lacked.

Learn more here: http://axion.is/
01 October

Meet the winners of Filmteractive Market 2014

„The Reward” a project from Denmark won the award founded by Evio Polska – Filmteractive Market Patron.

But this is not all. The commissioners have also prepared a special award for the best project from NDPC area – the winner of this award is an international project „Axion” presented by representatives from Poland and Sweden.

Here you can find more information:

05 September

We know the results of Filmteractive Market Evaluation Process!

Let us present you the best 8 projects submitted to Filmteractive 2014 Market!

We have a pleasure to  announce the results of first stage of Filmteractive Market Evaluation Process. From over 70 projects our commissioners have selected the best 8 that will be pitched live during our event on 25th of September 2014.

Meet the final eight:

Above (Estonia)
Axion (Switzerland, USA, Sweden, Poland, UK)
Komplex, 28 (Italy)
Monsters to Clowns (Estonia)
Sweet Dreams Interactive Film (Poland)
The Debtor (Italy)
The Reward (Denmark)
Zamek (Poland)

Congratulations and see you soon during pitching sessions at Filmteractive Market 2014!
14 August

National Film Centre Latvia – new Filmteractive partner!

National Film Centre Latvia – new Filmteractive partner!
Working on the networking possibilities in the NDPC area we have established new partnership!

If you would like to learn more about National Film Centre Latvia here is the link to their website: http://www.nfc.lv/news/
16 July

70 projects submitted to Filmteractive Market 2014!

Filmteractive map
The Filmteractive Market submissions deadline expired yesterday.

We have received almost 70 applications from 20 european countries but also from USA, Canada, Israel, Brazil, Rwanda, India and Dominican Republic. Once again we have a chance to get know interesting projects from multinational group of authors.
02 June

Filmteractive Market – new project submission deadline

Send your application before July 13th!

The projects keep coming and coming so we have decided to set up a new SUBMISSION DEADLINE – JULY 13th!

    We are looking for:
  • interactive video
  • crossmedia/transmedia
  • branded content
  • digital content

The best 8 selected interactive films, crossmedia and digital content projects will be pitched in front of international professionals, content buyers, and European broadcasters.

09 May

Meet the Head of Filmteractive Market 2014 expert panel!

Adipat Virdi – transmedia producer from the UK.

After the successful participation in Filmteractive 2013 (as a member of the Market expert panel and Filmteractive Festival speaker) Adipat Virdi has agreed to be the Head of 2014 expert panel.

Adipat Virdi is a well-known transmedia producer. Alongside this, he has set up Transmediology as a hub for designing experiences, engaging audiences and managing communities within brands and storyworlds.
Here you can find more information about Adipat Virdi: transmediasphere.com/page4.htm
17 April

Watch Filmteractive Market 2013 pitching sessions!

Do not hesitate to submit your project to Filmteractive Market 2014! I the meantime you can check out how the Market participants did last year.

Presentations already online:
Pitching Session SYNCSELF (UK)

Our YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/Filmteractive

Presentations to be published:
Pitching Session DELIGIC (PL)
Pitching Session FLASHBACK (DENMARK)
Pitching Session GENIUS ON DEMAND (PL)
Pitching Session NULLPUNKT (ESTONIA)
14 March

Filmteractive Market Call for Projects is open till May 30th.

We are looking for:
- interactive videos
- crossmedia/transmedia
- branded content
- digital content

If you are the author, of the interesting audiovisual project and want to present it, submit your application:

The best 8 selected interactive films, crossmedia and digital content projects will be pitched in front of international professionals, content buyers, and European broadcasters.

To submit your project, e-mail us by 30th May 2014. We are interested in projects in all the phases of production (planning, creating, post – production, finished projects). You can also submit an application or IT solution as long as it follows the thematic scope of Filmteractive Market.

Drop us a line at: project@filmteractive.eu
If you are a content buyer, contact agata.lepianka@filmteractive.eu
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